4 Important Website Elements that Attract Customers

By: preveer.com

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Every small business owner understands the importance of a website, but since most of these professionals are not experts with building websites, they don’t understand the science behind attracting customers. A bad website reflects poorly on the business, while a good website is rocket fuel for a small business to be sustainable and eventually quite successful. There are four elements of website design enabling success when properly executed. Learning about each puts a business on the right track.

Applicable Content and Strategy

Everything on a website should point a prospect towards taking action. However, many small business owners put content on a page with no path to a sale. Content should be tailored towards the need of the target customer, and all content should end with a call to action. It could be a simple call about clicking on a page, or it could be a call to purchase an item. Either way, tailoring content to the audience and giving the audience a task is where sales happen.

Simple, Clean Design

A website with lots of design elements confuses and disorients customers. Keep the design simple and clean. The colors on the site should be complementary, not clashing. Graphic design elements should tailor themselves to the site, and integration of business logos is fairly easy to achieve with the right design. Integrating all of these elements must be done subtly; the design works like content – it funnels customers to the sale.

Site Banners

Banners are a very useful tool for a small business site. They can feature a particular concept and showcase it in a way attracting maximum attention from customers. Making these banners link to a point of sale is essentially creating an impulse buy. Banners can be designed on their own and placed nearly anywhere on a site. They have great effectiveness as headers and breaks between strings of text.


Make sure pages on the site and the site itself loads fast. The best way to ensure speed is to minimize extraneous design elements. Having a great server and development systems also ensures speed is optimized. A fast site is appreciated by customers – if customers are noticing how much time it takes for a page to load, these customers are going to head somewhere else for the same product.

Creating websites can be difficult, but these elements are guaranteed to sell. Preveer consultants understand how to build great websites. Get in touch with an Preveer consultant and learn how to build a website separating your business from the rest of the pack. Email here.

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