4 Marketing Practices to Increase Customer Retention

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4 Marketing Practices to Increase Customer Retention

Marketing is imperative for attracting customers, but if customers aren’t retained then it’s difficult to keep the rate of new customers high enough for the small business to be solvent. Therefore, a small business must give reasons for customers to keep coming back. Marketing need not be incredibly creative here, but it should be effective. These practices are effective ways to use marketing for customer retention.

Use Rewards Programs

The easiest way for customers to keep coming back is if they get something for it. Rewards programs work beautifully because people are naturally goal oriented. If a customer is told for every 5 purchases, the 6th purchase is free, then they’ve spent money five times with the business. Structure pricing and rewards to keep incentive high and rewards seem attainable. Customers will keep coming back just to achieve the rewards.

Emphasize Customer Service

The most effective marketing is serving the customer. Every person working at a small business represents the business, and marketing is the science of how businesses present to customers. Therefore, excellent customer service puts the values of the business on display. When customers have great interactions with a business, not only will they come back, but they’ll recommend the business to their friends and family as well.

Promote Discounts and Credits

The dirty secret of supermarket sales is the deals offered cost these businesses next to nothing to offer. For example, when a customer sees a product is Buy One-Get One, they’ve allocated money in their mind for two products. This means along with the BOGO products, in their cart will be other products they weren’t anticipating purchasing. Discounts and credits work the same way in a small business. Just make sure costs are covered and the margins will take care of themselves.

Use Social Media for Loyalty

Millennials and Gen Z customers are locked into their social media accounts, hence why every business is on Twitter, Instagram, etc. Social media is ideal for forming emotional attachments. When a customer likes or tags the business’s social media account, be sure to interact with it. That way, customers can develop a relationship with a business. These relationships become personal in nature, and thus create loyalty.

Marketing is essential for small businesses to separate themselves from the herd, and Preveer consultants have access to powerful marketing tools. Use these tools to attract and retain customers starting today Email here.

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