4 Perks Employees Most Desire

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4 Perks Employees Most Desire

There are plenty of reasons employees choose to work for companies. For small businesses, it’s difficult to compete in raw compensation with the bigger companies, and that’s why perks can put an entrepreneur ahead of a CEO in the race for talent. Understanding the perks employees are after ensures getting the right people for the job.

Paid Time Off

Millennials and Zoomers are enterting the labor market and unlike Gen X workers, these younger employees believe strongly in working to live. Burnout is a real concern for them, and they crave time away from work to recharge. Paid time off is a great incentive. Similarly, generous maternity and paternity leave programs show a small business truly embodies the family ideal many Millennials and Zoomers are after in their workplace. Consider paid time off an investment in attracting and retaining employees for decades, not just a couple years.

Student Loan Assistance

Small business owners should get creative here. Potential employees are saddled with student debt in a way Gen X and Baby Boomer generations never had to deal with. Entrepreneurs seeking to hire these ambitious young workers should find ways to help with student loan debt. There are a few ways – student load funds paying off a specific amount or assistance with securing loan forgiveness. Depending on the business, there could be government programs discharging student loans. This perk attracts young workers, and these workers will be loyal.

Pet Friendly Environments

Millennials and Zoomers are attached to their pets, and rightly so. Pets show us unconditional love and improve our moods. When a mood is improved, employees are more productive. Having an office that’s pet friendly is a great way to differentiate from the competition. Keep people’s needs in mind as well, because some folks might be scared of dogs. If pets in the office can’t happen, think about offering doggie day care on site. People can take a short break and visit their pet, and it’s good to know the pet is kept busy instead of laying around at home and getting in trouble.

Free Food

The way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach. Free food is a simple yet effective way to provide perks to employees. There are few ways to make people connect better than through food. Eating is a communal activity, and sharing a meal is sneaky intimate. People let their guard down, and bonds form over a meal. Investing in a lunch or just keeping a vending machine offering snacks at no cost is a great way to improve morale. Free food also eliminates the water cooler gossip, which is always a plus for entrepreneurs.

There are plenty of other perks and finding the ones your business can offer is easy with the help of an Preveer consultant. Start finding the right people today with the right perks akhan@ufgcorp.com.

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