4 Ways to Integrate Technology in a Small Business

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4 Ways to Integrate Technology in a Small Business

Many entrepreneurs balk at the idea of utilizing technology in their small business by citing the cost of acquiring technology. However, when looking at the return on investment in technology, the efficiency benefits are self-evident to entrepreneurs. The goal for every business is spending the minimal amount of money to generate maximum profit. Technology allows for investments to be made that, while possibly costly on the front end pay for themselves on the back end.

Point-of-Sale Systems

Instead of purchasing cash registers, there are now small card reader apps that can work with smartphones. These apps have costs for processing cards, but at the end of the day, it’s actually quite cheap to use these efficient POS systems with a smartphone or tablet. For a small business owner – especially one working on something mobile like a food truck – this is a simple method to maximize profits and efficiency. Instead of the POS being stuck in a rigid spot, the small business owner is now mobile and agile.

Use Smartphones and Tablets

There’s no need to purchase massive computer systems, especially if the small business does not have a large physical footprint. Instead, smartphones and tablets are just as powerful – or because they’re portable, they’re even more powerful than laptops and PCs. For a sales staff to work with a smartphone or a laptop, it’s just easier to interact with customers and eliminates the step of bringing customers to the cash register for the purchase. Since most folks don’t use cash, the person on the sales floor easily processes the card and the customer gets their product quickly and with minimal fuss. This burnishes a small business’s reputation, which correlates with increased business.

Make QR Codes Ubiquitous

The QR code is a fantastic tool for a small business owner. It cuts down on excess usage of paper and at the same time, shows customers how the small business is ahead of the curve. QR codes are easy to read on any phone and they take the customer exactly where the entrepreneur wants them to go. It takes less than a minute to create a QR code, so they can be used for delivering product information or for discount codes. The bottom line is QR codes quite literally save money and time.

Outsource IT

Regardless of tech integration level of a small business, an entrepreneur should not spend time installing new software or reprogramming technology, unless that’s their actual business. Instead, outsourcing IT allows for professionals to manage networks and systems. Small business owners need not worry about learning the intricacies of different systems, but instead have someone to call when technology goes awry. Also, an outsourced IT department helps build efficient systems. Therefore, a small business owner gets the best of every world when they outsource IT.

There are plenty of ways to integrate technology into every small business. Learn how Preveer helps small businesses with technology by e-mailing akhan@ufgcorp.com today.

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