How to Get Customers to Write Testimonials


How to Get Customers to Write Testimonials

Every sales business understands the Rule of 2, and positive experiences are equally as persuasive as negative experiences. Therefore, businesses with testimonials are better equipped to attract new customers because their current customers sell the business’s capability better than any business ever could. The reason is people trust other people; they’re naturally skeptical of a business. Having customers write testimonials is the best way to overcome that skepticism, and it’s important to understand different methods of receiving testimonials.

Incentivize the Testimonial

The easiest way to get plenty of testimonials is to offer an incentive. People are naturally protective of their time. Incentives give happy customers something to be even more thrilled about. These customers will complete testimonials at a greater rate than customers who are just asked to write testimonials. Offer incentives that have a low cost but high value in exchange for testimonials. If a small business owner has to pick and choose among the testimonials, they’ve incentivized correctly.

Explain What’s Needed in a Testimonial

The difference between a testimonial and feedback is a testimonial is a bit meaty while feedback lacks relevant details prospective customers’ desire. Prospective customers are interested in the problems leading a person to the business and how the business solved those problems. Therefore, a small business owner seeking a testimonial should ask for the problem leading them to the business, why they selected the business, and how the business solved their problem.

Make Customers Feel Comfortable Writing Testimonials

Not all customers are blessed with the ability to write compelling content. It is important for small business owners to understand the limitations of a customer’s writing ability. Therefore, don’t make a customer feel as if they have to write a novel for the testimonial to work. If they just answer the simple questions, that would work. Furthermore, assure customers not to worry about grammar and spelling. These are things a small business can fix.

Getting testimonials is imperative for a small business to build up their credibility. An Preveer consultant is a helpful asset with getting testimonials for customers and how to feature them. Get started on obtaining testimonials today. Email here.

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