How To Use Digital Marketing
To Scale Your Business

By: Philip Toussaint

How to Use Digital Marketing to Scale Your Business

Positioning your product or service with a successful marketing campaign is essential today to the success of any company or organization. When done correctly, a marketing campaign provides a roadmap to the customer that leads to a successful conversion. Whether that be a subscription to a magazine, a sale on your e-commerce store, or a promising lead for a HVAC job - it highly depends on the structure of your firm. With that being said, everything company has a different strategy and approach to how they effectively market their brand. So, what are the steps needed to drive new business and an overall fantastic campaign?

Paid Advertising

For any brand or company looking to establish an online presence, paid advertising is crucial to the success of a product or service. Today, a large amount of people are online and you are missing a huge audience if you are not targeting them on platforms such as Facebook, Google, and Instagram. Having a knowledge of Facebook ads, Google Pay-per-click (PPC) or LinkedIn ads is helpful to growing a plan around how you will penetrate your target audience online. Paid advertising also provides beneficial analytical tools for measuring data such as cost per click (CPC), cost per lead (CPL), and average cost of sales (ACOS).

Strong Research

You won’t be selling many space heaters in Florida, no matter how many ads you run or how much money you spend. The success of your campaign begins well before you actually launch it by researching the market and finding the right portion of the market that fits what you have to offer. You must also research your customers and your competitors to understand how and where to focus your communication efforts.

A Well-Defined Goal

How can anything be started if you don’t have a well-defined goal in place? To measure the effectiveness of your campaign and concentrate your efforts in the right directions, it is important that an overall goal is established. The central goal is what is used to measure your efforts and results against for indication of progress or default. Define the purpose of the campaign early on or you’ll be setting the project up for failure.

Valuable & Relevant Content

If you want your company, brand or organization to be noticed, you can’t skip the other side of the equation: quality content. There are three factors that make a successful content platform and this indicates that the content is valuable, relevant, and consistent. The goal of putting together content leads to driving loyalty and brand awareness, gaining audience engagement, driving lead generation, and increasing sales and profitability. In the eyes of Google, your website is only as good as the content you provide and if you don’t have content related to the search, you’re not going to rank.

Effective Landing Page

A landing page needs a defined purpose, a clear direction and a call to action. In theory, it is relatively straightforward to put together a landing page. Although, many companies miss the mark when it comes to making a page as concise and clear as possible with the aim of the campaign you are running and what exactly you are offering your audience. The goal is to make sure that your audience understands what it is that you are offering them and the value that you present.

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Bonus Material: 11 Step Process to Building A Brand

  1. Determine your brand’s target market/audience
  2. Establish a brand’s mission statement
  3. Research brands within your industry niche
  4. Outline the key qualities and benefits your brand offers
  5. Create a brand logo and tagline
  6. Form your brand voice (i.e. professional, friendly, informative, etc.)
  7. Build a brand message and elevator pitch (refine and perfect it!)
  8. Let your brand personality shine
  9. Integrate your brand into every aspect of your business
  10. Stay true to your brand building
  11. Be your brand’s biggest advocate

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