Keys to Creating Content Around Small Businesses


Keys to Creating Content Around Small Businesses

Content marketing is the key for small businesses to gain a foothold in a competitive marketplace. Whether it’s a major city or an exurb, it’s imperative for a small business to develop a footprint. There are obvious challenges regardless of a business’s location. However, a content strategy will ensure these small businesses gain an outsized profile relative to competitors.

Utilizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is critical for a small business’s content strategy. There are plenty of keywords for small businesses to focus on. The best keywords are the most relevant ones out there. These keywords can be found with an SEO program or using an outside firm. The key is to integrate SEO into all content, as it will shoot the small business’s webpage high up the search results and heading towards that desired Page 1.

Content Must Be Relevant

Relevance in terms of content means relating of a customer’s immediate and near-term needs. Relevant content addresses customer problems in clear language. It gets right to the point and showcases how the small business will solve the problem. Relevance is always changing, so a webpage is not static. Make sure to constantly review content and tweak it so it can remain relevant. There are plenty of metrics to see if a page’s content is relevant as well, so a small business owner should avail themselves of those tools.

Content Must Have Variety

Content for small businesses isn’t just webpages and social media posts. There are plenty of different content vehicles. A small business shouldn’t be focused on just text, there are images and videos as well. Plenty of people don’t like to read content, images and videos are quite persuasive. Integrating all of these content types together is the key to creating a unified message. This message will attract and retain customers.

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