The 5 Most Commonly Outsourced Jobs


The 5 Most Commonly Outsourced Jobs

Regardless of business type, all small businesses have similar needs for growth. Job functions building the structure of the small business are quite universal. Outsourcing these jobs is a great idea because it’s an easy way to control costs while freeing up time for the entrepreneur and employees to work within a small business’s core services with greater fidelity. Here are the top jobs commonly outsourced by small businesses.

Customer Service

Outsourcing customer service serves two functions for small businesses: make the business appear larger and remove the commonly requested services from the queue. A small business with a customer service department appears larger, and gives the feel to customers of a serious, smart business. Likewise, there are plenty of needs customers have with products, and often those needs are redundant and easy for those not well-acquainted with the product to assist with. Outsourcing customer services allows small businesses to handle the difficult problems and look the part of a serious business.

Information Technology

Outsourcing IT is a must for a small business, unless that business specifically resides within this realm. Handling setting up printers, fixing problems with the systems, and ensuring everything runs correctly isn’t something an entrepreneur should do. These entrepreneurs should focus on their craft, not the printer. Having a dedicated team focused on making sure the IT systems work properly is exactly what outsourcing is designed to assist with.


Marketing experts are masters of return on investment. The reason why entrepreneurs running small businesses should outsource marketing is cost savings. While entrepreneurs will try and fail before hitting on the right formula, marketing experts get it right immediately. Therefore, the return on investment with outsourcing marketing is instantaneous for small businesses outsourcing marketing.

Human Resources

Hiring the right people is no easy task; when hiring goes wrong, a small business is crippled by turnover and on-boarding costs. Outsourcing human resources is an ideal solution because the entrepreneur only sees the applicants after they’ve been carefully sorted. This means entrepreneurs are secure with the knowledge of bringing the right people into the business. Getting great employees is quite easy when the people doing the recruiting are experts in the field, and that’s why small businesses outsource human resources.


Unless the small business is an accounting firm, it’s a wise idea to let experts handle the nuts and bolts of cash flow. With taxes and bookkeeping, accounting is a full-time job. It’s not something meant for an amateur, because accounting mistakes could be quite costly – costly to the point of losing the small business. Outsourcing accounting is something every small business should do. Keeping the books looking proper is the best way to prepare for growth and make savvy investments. That’s why smart entrepreneurs outsource accounting.

Other Outsourced Jobs

Of course, these five jobs are not the only jobs outsourced. There are plenty of others, and a local Preveer consultant helps small businesses get the right jobs done. Learn about how an Preveer consultant will control costs and provide outstanding service by clicking here.

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