Why Local Business Owners Can Benefit
From Hiring A Virtual Assistant

By: Amr Mohamed A.

Why Local Business Owners Can Benefit From Hiring A Virtual Assistant

So you've been struggling recently as a business owner to keep up with the large amount of work to be done. You are now considering whether hiring a virtual assistant or a freelancer and outsourcing/delegating some tasks to him would be the correct choice. Well, let's have a look at who is a freelancer/ virtual assistant and what can you gain from hiring him.

A Virtual Assistant is an experienced professional who offers his support services to a business remotely or as a freelancer. Virtual Assistants have shown their worth to businesses in recent years due to their ability to cut costs, save time, and their overall efficiency and productivity to a business.

What can you benefit from hiring a freelancer/virtual assistant?

  1. Outsourcing less critical tasks to focus on the more important ones
    Now back to the main problem, the excessive amount of work. As a business owner, you're concerned with the main tasks of your business, like managing and directing, but the real headache comes when the miscellaneous tasks appear. Handling client meetings, setting up your everyday schedule, or even everyday business calls can eat up a lot of time.

    A virtual assistant is an all-rounder who can handle these tasks to set you free for the more important ones. Now the question that comes to your head is What if he is not as efficient as me in doing these tasks?

    Well, aside from the fact that he may be better in handling these tasks due to his prior experience. Your virtual assistant doesn't need to be as efficient as you. Managing all the tasks alone will never allow you to focus on the main ones, and your overall productivity and efficiency will surely fall. It wouldn't matter if simple tasks like scheduling day-to-day meetings, creating payroll excel tables, or organizing files aren't done your way. Remember the 80-20 rule 80% of the output depends on 20% of the tasks. So wouldn't it be better to focus on these 20 and outsource the remaining 80 to a Freelancer?

  2. Saving costs
    A strange one, isn't it? How hiring a freelancer can save money? Here comes the magic of outsourcing; in other countries, the cost of living can vary a lot were sometimes 5% of the salary of a local citizen in your country can be a dream for a citizen in another one. It's true. The average American worker earns $27.16, while the average Indian worker earns just $1.35 per hour. So you can have one of the best virtual assistants with high-quality work and exceptional skills at a quarter of the price of the average one just because he lives in another country.

    Another cost to be taken into consideration is the money spent on interviewing and training a new employee. A significant advantage to remember is that benefits such as insurance, taxes, and employee benefits are no longer on your expenses section. Also, keep in mind the office space saved, which is equivalent to a reasonable sum of money, big thanks to outsourcing.

  3. Multitasking and sudden needs
    Some simple Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin pages for your business with everyday content plus their related logos and artwork are needed. Would you hire a graphic designer and a content manager specifically for these tasks? It is advised to do so if your business relies heavily on online content, but if it doesn't, why hire two employees and pay them on an hourly basis for temporary tasks. And would you always hire employees for all sudden jobs? Definitely not, and here comes the virtual assistant again referred to as the all-rounder in play.

    Your freelancer is always there for these sudden tasks. Setting up social media accounts, designing logos, or doing quickly needed tasks, he is always there. For more specialization and quality, the concept of outsourcing may be used by handling logos, for example, to a graphic designer freelancer for a one time fixed price cost, but no need as the virtual assistant will do above average work in these tasks and will always fit.

Bottom line

Virtual assistants are crucial for every business, especially for starting ones as most of the random tasks can be delegated to them with no worry about their abilities to finish them in the needed way. Virtual assistants can be hired on a freelance basis, aka outsourcing to get rid of employee-related costs. Don't think twice about hiring a virtual assistant, as it may be the best bargain in your business life.

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