Why Using Personality Increases Sales

By: preveer.com

Why Using Personality Increases Sales

There are lots of people in business who mute their personalities because they believe customers are turned off otherwise. The reality is a small business owner must understand they won’t get every customer, but in order to attract a stead stream of customers, they must stand out from the pack. This is why plenty of outsized personalities advertise their wares on television. Not everyone is that outgoing, however. The key is to use personality and to be true to oneself. This is where sales are.

Don’t Go Changing to Try and Please Them

Customers have a great radar for insincerity. They can easily tell when a person is changing their nature in order to be more appealing. Anyone who’s ever been on a date knows when the person sitting across from them is trying to be liked instead of being real. This is true in business. The first key to showcasing personality is avoiding the temptation to change in order to please the customer. People would rather deal with someone who is honest than someone who is trying to be what they want them to be.

Personality Doesn’t Equal Over-the-Top Shenanigans

Many people hear the word “personality” and immediately think of wild salesy people. For example, there are plenty of car dealer commercials where the owner of the dealership is going over the top promoting the deals on the lot. When people head to the dealership, they would be disappointed to see someone who isn’t as ebullient. Showcasing personality doesn’t mean amplifying or muting. It means being comfortable in one’s own skin. If that means a person is less flamboyant, that’s perfectly acceptable.

Personality Utilizes Empathy

Part of showcasing personality is being a real person – and that means empathy is going to be baked into the cake. People showing empathy are going to increase sales. The best part is empathy comes naturally to most people. It’s important to train a staff to be empathetic. This empathy should be reflected by the small business owner. Allowing staff to display their personalities forms connections points with customers using empathy as a vehicle. When people stop thinking about how they should be and start being themselves, they relate easier to the challenges of others.

Part of showing personality involves training oneself and a sales staff. Preveer consultants work with small businesses to increase sales, and training staff is just one area of expertise. Be your best self and attract more sales. Email here.

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