Become an Preveer Consultant

Preveer consultants are people that work with businesses to help them perform a variety of functions without having to take on more staff. Preveer connects businesses to vendors providing services, and these services are less costly than it would be for a business to do these functions in house.

Using an Preveer Vendor vs. In-House Functions

There are plenty of advantages in using an Preveer vendor instead of performing specific functions in-house.

Preveer’s business is making sure the right people are working in their area of expertise. Businesses are profitable if they are efficient. Preveer increases efficiency because their vendors perform a variety of job functions. Instead of having one person in a business doing a variety of functions in a certain amount of time, or hiring several people for several different jobs, spend less money by using Preveer vendors and get a more complete job.

While in-house functions have lots of advantages due to proximity, ultimately this model is less efficient because the cost is higher for less expertise.