Why Preveer

The main reasons people choose to work with Preveer is to save time, money and frustrations.

When it comes time to hire for your next project, or to find that next employee it can be a frustrating process. It is difficult to find the right person, expensive to hire and hard to communicate clearly to achieve your desired results.

When working with Preveer you won’t have these headaches. We have a vetted network of qualified professionals who you can utilize at competitive rates without compromising your results. No more hiring multiple people to find the right fit, wasting money on half hearted projects and feeling overwhelmed while scaling your business, we’ve got this!

We have designed three main solutions for our clients to apply to any area of their business. With over 40 different services that our team of professionals can provide, we have made customization and tailored solutions a standard for hundreds of business owners.


Project Based Solutions

Working with Preveer will allow you the flexibility to tackle any one-time, project-based tasks with a onetime payment or installments over a designated period.

Our network of professionals specialize in a variety of industries with numerous capabilities designed to provide you the best services at a competitive rate. Whether you are looking to make the next big app, create the perfect website for your company or simply design your next business cards, our network is here to make it happen.


Monthly Packages Solutions

A programmer, website designer, Facebook ads specialist, graphic designer, bookkeeper or maybe just an assistant to manage your calendar and email. These are all needs your business may encounter, and when they do arise, most business owners are faced with three options:

For some of your business’s reoccurring functions, Preveer also offers monthly package solutions which allows you to pay on a monthly basis, a discounted rate for all of those necessary reoccurring tasks that you were previously spending too much time on.


Do it yourself and waste valuable time learning and figuring out a skill outside of your specialty.


Hire an employee and spend a ton of money on recruiting costs and be forced to pay salary.


Work with an agency who charges an inflated price and may not give you the result you want


Cost Savings Analysis

This service is specifically designed for well-established companies. In consulting multiple organizations, we’ve found that many companies are throwing money away every single day. This is typically done in small quantities, but even small quantities over the course of a year add up to a tremendous amount.

Essentially, our cost savings analysis service allows you to get access to an Preveer professional who will come into your business, see where you can cut costs and help you effectively and efficiently implement new solutions, redirect best practices and outsource different aspects of your business.

Every one of our business clients will have an initial overview consultation meeting with their Preveer professional. However, our consultants also have the flexibility of offering a more in-depth, deep dive into your business as an additional consultation service for one-time, monthly, quarterly or annual support.

Think this might be right for you? Contact us to see if you qualify.



You have a marketing manager that makes $30 per hour. He has a list of 3,000 emails for a campaign and needs to go through and ensure all are valid emails, being that he has no one immediately under him, he spends 2 hours a day over the course of a week eliminating invalid emails from the list. This simple task just cost the business $300, where for $5/hr. you could hire someone to do it and not only save $250, but also open up that employee’s time to do more meaningful and profitable work.

We always aim to bring you the best Preveer!

We have done the hard work and put together a large network of skilled professionals who have proven to be the experts in their industries. Working with an Preveer consultant takes the pain out of this process. You don’t have to worry about learning a new skill, hiring an employee or dealing with inflated agency prices. We can assign an expert and manage your dream project all for an affordable price. Our goal is to bring you the best Preveer by working with Preveer .

Why Preveer