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As the global solution to cost management and operational expansion, we’ve developed strategic consulting programs to effectively address the needs of our business clients.

We strive to help entrepreneurs scale their business and increase their profits.

By utilizing our diverse network of professionals, our team is always equipped to fulfill the needs of our clients. We believe that business owners should spend their time working on their business, not in their business and our team is dedicated to delivering exemplary services to business owners in need of expansion, process efficiency, cost savings and increased revenue generation.

Preveer is part of the United Franchise Group family of brands, consisting of an incredible number of award-winning brands and franchise development services, including some of the world’s largest industry names. These franchised concepts specialize in several different industries including Signs and Graphics, Promotional Products, Green Energy, Mergers & Acquisitions, Food & Hospitality and Computer Products.

Led by CEO Ray Titus, the experts at United Franchise Group have over 30 years of experience and more than 1,600 franchisees in over 80 countries. Today, United Franchise Group has about 200 employees with established offices in the United States and Australia. The corporate headquarters is located in West Palm Beach, Florida. Our world-class facility welcomes new franchisees throughout the year to give them the tools they need to succeed in their journey into business ownership. The expertise of the team at United Franchise Group provides the foundation for the continuous evolution and growth of development services the company offers.

With the combination of award-winning franchise concepts, development services, and industry excellence, United Franchise Group is the global leader for today’s entrepreneurs.



Getting Started

How does Preveer increase profitability for business owners?

There are several measures for profitability, but the simplest measurement is how much your office spends versus how much money it receives. If you assign a dollar value to the amount of time you are spending on services that could be outsourced, you will see how much you are really spending. This is where outsourcing to Preveer is helpful. Your costs are controlled and that allows your business to focus on revenue driving functions. Preveer assigns tasks to our team of pre-vetted professionals, they go to work for an agreed upon rate, and at the same time, you’re devoting your energy towards building your business. Your increased attention to revenue generating functions, most often results in increased profits for your company.

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How does Preveer choose its pre-vetted professionals?

Preveer does the hard work of verifying that their team of pre-vetted professionals can provide top notch service to their clients before choosing to work with them. There are a variety of services that we offer which means there needs to be a variety of verification methods. One of the simplest ways to see the quality of a professional’s work is to review it. This is something Preveer takes seriously when choosing service providers to partner with. Track records matter, and our goal is always to assign a project to a team member that has a track record of success. We are constantly evaluating our team of professionals and their commitment to service as well.

How does the billing process work with Preveer?

Preveer will handle all billing through our advanced CRM (Client Relationship Management) Portal and send you a customized invoice as scheduled. Working with Preveer will allow you the flexibility to tackle any one-time, project-based tasks with a onetime payment or installments over a designated period. For some of your business’s reoccurring functions, Preveer also offers monthly packages which allows you to pay on a monthly basis, a discounted rate for all of the tasks that you were previously spending too much time on.

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What if a business client is not happy with a service that is provided?

Preveer is committed to the complete satisfaction of our clients. If for some reason our clients are not happy with a service provided, we’ve already implemented systems to avoid any hiccups in your operation. Preveer will work with each business client to define a clear and concise scope of work prior to starting any project. The goal is understanding the expectations of our clients. For every project, small or large, constant communication and accessibility is a standard for Preveer. To ensure that every expectation of our clients is met or exceeded, we’ve customized our systems to allow for revisions and adjustments throughout the entire process.

Why would a business choose Preveer instead of keeping services in-house?

Businesses choose Preveer because outsourcing allows them to focus on core products and services. Instead of spending time in the back office, working on legal issues, or trying to acquire space for your business, you can have someone proficient in those areas take the weight off your shoulders. There are a lot of costs associated with trying to hire the right people or facilitate proper training. These costs are cut when you outsource with Preveer.

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What types of businesses use Preveer?

Every business uses Preveer. There’s no reason the smallest of businesses or the largest of corporations won’t benefit from Preveer’s services. In fact, because Preveer makes business more efficient, it stands to reason that every business should utilize Preveer’s services. With helping businesses complete tasks that are not related to the central products and services, it allows for growth and the ability to assign the right people to help your customers.

What are the commitment terms with Preveer?

Commitment terms with Preveer vary based on your business’s needs and what you are looking for. Preveer is all about making sure our clients have the services tailored to their needs. Some clients need help for a long time, while others will need help for a specific project. Either way, when consulting with Preveer, our goal is helping our clients get whatever they need, completed professionally.

Back Office FAQs

What are back office tasks handled by Preveer?

All back office tasks such as virtual assistants, phone support, scheduling, data entry, order processing and all other administrative functions can be taken care of by Preveer. A client’s business is their primary focus, and the back office tasks are the business of business. Preveer’s job is to make sure all of those tasks are efficiently taken care of.

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Does Preveer work remotely on back office tasks?

The goal is for Preveer to work remotely on back office tasks but if someone is needed to be on site, then Preveer will assist in accommodating your needs. Ideally all functions would be handled remotely, however Preveer will do everything necessary to meet the needs and expectations of each individual business client.

Are Preveer vendors familiar with local and national regulations?

Part of the vetting process that our preferred professionals go through is demonstrating understanding of local and national regulations. The goal is always making sure our team of professionals can perform tasks completely and expeditiously, therefore all Preveer professionals are familiar with local and national regulations.

Can I keep using Preveer’s back office services as my business expands?

Barring some unforeseen circumstances, you can utilize Preveer’s services as much as you’d like for however long you would like. Preveer’s professionals are vetted to work with businesses of all sizes, so that means if you are working well with Preveer, we can grow with you, as your business expands.

Professional Service

Are these services focused solely on commercial concerns?

Whether it is real estate, legal issues, accounting, or other professional services, most of our services are tailored to commercial activity. However, if there are other areas a client’s business intersects with, we make sure that the right team is there to help you with all your needs.

What are the largest organizations Preveer has worked with?

Preveer has met the needs of many organizations of all sizes and different levels of gross revenue. Whether it is large multinational corporations or small mom and pop shops on Main Street, Preveer has the experience needed to give your business proper support to ensure success.

Will smaller businesses work with less experienced professionals?

Absolutely not! Preveer’s goal is to make sure our clients are matched with the right professionals to cater to their specific business needs. The goal is making sure our client’s businesses are provided exceptional service, ensuring optimal efficiency and performance. This means the professionals working with a small business are the ones who understand how to help that business build revenue instead of treading water. We ensure experienced professional for all of our business clients, regardless the size of their business.

What is the scope of professional services offered?

Professional services include legal, accounting, real estate, staffing, payroll and other services related to core operational areas. Generally, these services will be more locally sourced because of the different local considerations. However, the professionals could be part of larger organizations as well.

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Cost Savings Analysis

How is a cost savings analysis report completed?

Preveer has an experienced team of consultants that reviews all of the information necessary to analyze your business’s cost savings. Our team will take the time required to look at the different areas of exposure along with the areas of opportunity and offer recommendations for a client’s business.

How does Preveer affect a P&L report?

Preveer’s outsourcing services have a direct impact on a P&L report. When it comes to expenses, outsourcing is a clear way to lower the expense side of the report. Profitability has a direct relationship to efficiency, and outsourcing allows you to get tasks completed properly which has a positive relationship to your profits.

Will Preveer show specific areas in which their services can save money and how?

When Preveer completes cost savings analysis consultation, the goal is breaking everything down so clients can see the different areas of opportunity. This detailed information is necessary to help clients make decisions on the services they can outsource to Preveer. At this point, Preveer will present the areas in which outsourcing can reduce costs, so clients will understand the difference in profitability provided by Preveer.

How long does it take to complete a cost savings analysis?

All businesses differ, so there is no set time. That said, for Preveer it is all about doing things quickly and efficiently. We will start right away and do a deep dive. The consultation with new business clients will happen as soon as possible to get started on saving through an established relationship with Preveer.

How long does it take to implement actionable items in a cost savings analysis?

Based on different clients, there could be different timeframes, but the reality is getting started can happen very quickly – often within a week. Preveer’s professionals are ready for new clients and solving problems. The speed of implementing the action items in a cost savings analysis is where Preveer shines.

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