3 Traits for Identifying Employees to Trust with Keys to the Building

By: preveer.com

For a small business owner to give an employee the keys to the business, its imperative employees are beyond trustworthy. However, discovering who is trustworthy shouldn’t be a trial-and-error process. Small business owners must be knowledgeable about behaviors indicative of an employee that’s trustworthy. Because trustworthiness is a character trait, it’s difficult to assess on a subjective basis, and that’s why noticing these objective traits is helpful.


An employee demonstrating selflessness is an employee that can be trusted with the keys. Selflessness is displayed in several observable ways. The most observable way is noticing an employee who is the first to help others having trouble. These are employees taking time with customers. They’ll calmly and patiently explain concepts and never put out an aura making customers feel like they’re interrupting something. These are people who show up early, they ensure nothing is left for someone else to fix, and even help others get a start on work.


Human beings crave structure and discipline, the less structure and discipline present, the more inconsistent the actions people take. Consistency is displayed through simple behaviors such as arriving to work on time every day, and on days when an employee is late, they call ahead. It’s rare for a consistent person to do something they otherwise wouldn’t do. Consistent people always show the same range of dispositions. Unfortunately, most people only notice consistency when a person does something inconsistent. Therefore, it’s important to take note when an employee is acting consistently and praise them for it.


Trustworthy people are often positive people. Positivity is displayed through actions in terms of always looking to improve things. The biggest tell on whether someone is positive or negative is not complaining, but how they act on complaints. A positive person may complain, but they dig in and solve the problem. Negative people are content to keep a situation status quo. Positive people see an opportunity to fix something and take initiative to accomplish it. The response to complaints is the easiest way to determine if someone is positive or not.

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3 Traits for Identifying Employees to Trust with Keys to the Building