How to Promote a Small Business with LinkedIn


Promoting a small business is not the easiest endeavor for entrepreneurs because there’s so much to be done in so many different facets of the business. However, LinkedIn makes promoting a small business much easier. Similar to the way Facebook uses its algorithm to connect users to the content they want to see, the same idea holds true with LinkedIn. The goal is getting the small business in front of the right users on LinkedIn. These users alternately will patronize and promote the business.

Fill in the Profile Completely

Many LinkedIn users don’t completely fill in the profile. Instead, they leave large portions blank. This is a bad idea because the lack of information means the search functions in LinkedIn will pass right over the profile. Don’t just fill in the profile but fill it in with keywords relating to the industry. Ensure there is a proper pitch regarding the business. Other LinkedIn users will read the profile and the completeness of the profile gives a positive impression about professionalism.

Join and Contribute to Industry Groups

Every LinkedIn user should be in a couple industry groups. However, these groups can have massive numbers of users as members. In these groups, the goal is to comment and post on anything interesting. Make a name by being a contributor. Another effective strategy is joining smaller groups. These groups allow for deeper connections to be made at a faster rate. Industry groups are effective because everyone uses the groups for referrals and promotion happens organically.

Find Professionals and Get Introductions

There are plenty of influencers on LinkedIn but getting access to these influencers is a different story. When looking at an influencer, there’s a mutual connection area. These mutual connections are ideal people to facilitate an introduction. The reason introductions matter is because influencers have plenty of people trying to connect. An introduction from someone the influencer knows puts the entrepreneur being introduced at the front of the line. Getting access to these influencers puts promotion of the small business in a supercharged state – these influencers reach more people with a single post than a typical LinkedIn user would in with more than a dozen posts.

There are plenty of ways to get a small business promoted on LinkedIn. Trusting Preveer consultants is an easy way to get professionals to build out a proper LinkedIn profile. Promote your small business effectively by contacting here.

How to Promote a Small Business with LinkedIn