How to Use a Vlog to Make a Small Business Stand Out


The viral video is one of the great lightning-in-a-bottle methods of marketing. Unfortunately, just as quickly as viral videos take hold in the culture, they quickly are replaced. That viral bump can’t be sustained. Vlogging is a safer, smarter option for developing a revenue stream based on video content. When vlogs are done correctly, they usually provide greater volume and revenue for small businesses.

Profiling the Business

A good vlog should showcase the people behind the small business. There are several formats to these videos. A “Day in the Life” video would showcase how a team member handles their day-to-day responsibilities. A “Getting to Know” video showcases the personality of the different team members as well. Profiling the people working in the business builds connections between the marketplace and the business. When people feel like they know someone, they’re comfortable hiring them for a job.

Showcasing Products and Services

A great vlog always emphasizes the different products and services offered by a small business. It’s important to show how a customer’s life is positively affected by the offerings of a small business. Furthermore, a great vlog series would show how to use these items the way experts would. Giving people more for their purchase is always welcome, and a vlog helps provide that added value.

Passive Engagement

The best part about the vlog is the viewer does nothing besides watch the vlog. Reading a blog requires a time investment along with action by the reader. The passive engagement of vlogs means customers do nothing and get value; because of this, they’re likely to follow the call to action embedded within the video. Customers can easily subscribe to vlogs and there’s not much else for them to do besides watch.

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How to Use a Vlog to Make a Small Business Stand Out