The Importance of a Daily Agenda for Small Businesses


A daily agenda seems like a great idea until a small business owner walks into the business and sees what awaits them. The reality is an ad hoc approach to navigating the day at the business is destined to fail. Planning the day is essential for a small business owner to succeed. There are so many moving parts to a small business, that taking a moment to set the course of the day is a strategy for success.

Take 15 Minutes to Plan

A smart small business owner arrives to work early because it helps set the day in motion. This 15 minutes should be an uninterrupted time, therefore it’s important to get to the business early, before employees and customers. It is in this quiet time the mental preparation for the day can take place. When the day starts, because this time was used for planning the day, the events of the day will not feel as overwhelming.

Prioritize Tasks

The tasks needing to be done should be categorized based on importance. Obviously, it’s imperative to handle the most important tasks first. The key to prioritization comes from when the tasks need to be completed and how essential the tasks are to the business’s operations. For some small business owners, it’s helpful to make a chart and list the different tasks in the corresponding parts of the chart. Once importance is figured out, the next step is slotting the tasks into the plan.

Take the Easy Road, and Delegate

The two big fails small business owners routinely do are handling complex tasks first and refusing to delegate. The reason small business owners hire employees is for them to be competent. Delegate tasks employees can handle with similar efficacy to the owner. Handle the easy tasks first. Once those tasks are out of the way, it’s easier to focus on the complex tasks because there aren’t several easy tasks still in the hopper.

Planning the day is an essential part of any small business’s operations. Preveer consultants understand the nature of small businesses and are ready to help entrepreneurs not just plan their days, but plan their business too. Email here.

The Importance of a Daily Agenda for Small Businesses