The Preveer Buying Process

Gathering Information

Here’s where a franchisee would learn about Preveer and UFG. UFG would also gather information about franchisees. This is where buying profiles are created, and at this point, both sides begin to learn about each other and decide if they would like to move forward.


UFG will compare the buyer profile to the others who own Preveer franchises to see if this would be a good fit. This part is important because having the right franchisees ensures the success of prospective franchisees.


Here’s where Preveer franchise opportunities are presented. These can be different territories along with different vendors too.

Evaluation and Validation

The Financial Disclosure Document (FDD) is completed at this time, and while this document is extensive, it allows UFG to know who they are franchising to. Validation happens with all of the legal and accounting concerns, and once satisfied, the process moves forward.


Provided evaluation and validation go well, the next step is discovery day. This is when prospective franchisees spend time with current franchisees and learn about the business in a hands-on capacity. Once everything is settled, the agreement gets put into place.